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Our Programs

Children and young adults have so much to offer our continent and the world - we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold the future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. At the Africa Makes Foundation, we are here to give them the support they need in order to shape them into future global tech leaders. We have a number of educational programs and leadership initiatives that nurture our youth and help them develop future-proof digital skills with a growth mindset.


3D Printing for Development Bootcamps

The Africa Makes Foundation offers introductory bootcamps in 3D printing and design thinking for youth and young adults.


Empowering disadvantaged youth and adults to employ creative approaches in order to solve unique socio-economic challenges by nurturing a growth mindset.

For #3D4D Bootcamp Participants - please click here for your workbook.


 Please click here to answer a few questions about your workshop experience.


Experiential Learning and Shared Expertise

The Africa Makes Foundation provides experiential learning and shared expertise

provided through strategic partnerships with local and international organisations and institutions.


This initiative breaks down barriers between communities.

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